Season 5, Episode 19 “Let He Who Is Without Sin…” (DS9) with Katie Nickolaou

Pick up a horga’hn and put down those pamphlets as we head to Risa to check out “Let He Who Is Without Sin…”!

Fandom Forecasts host and meteorologist Katie Nickolaou joins the show this week to discuss an episode of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine that had a mixed reception among fans but presents a fascinating look at the sexual mores of the 24th century. When Dax drags Worf to the pleasure planet Risa for a sun and fun-filled vacation, he’s resolved to be miserable the entire time. But when a cadre of malcontents seek to ruin the fun, Worf will have to choose between his love for Dax and his desire to rain on everyone’s parade!

The world of Trek is remarkable and desirable not just because they’ve eliminated things like class struggle or inclement weather, but because the world of the Federation is one in which people of all race, class, orientation, and temperament can coexist peacefully. The broadcast standards of TV limit the depth of exploration that any given Trek series can make into the intimate lives of its heroes, but episodes like “Let He Who…” show us that the future can be a better place AND you can still argue with your significant other over petty things and that is (weirdly) reassuring. On this episode, we discuss the “open-mindedness” of the Federation’s future, the depiction of “pleasure planets” throughout the franchise, the uncanny hospitality of Risians, the ways in which a future civilization could control their weather, the stumbling progress of Trek’s depiction of sex and relationships, the perils of shooting on location, and the ways in which Trek provides an inviting forum for discussion of social issues.

We also discuss fighting pamphlet guys at the starport, winning a date with Chase Masterson, a SEVEN Million Dollar Man, happy Karens, waiting for Risa to show up on Disco, the one biome planet, decorating with weather, cracked ribs ≠ sexy, “smashin’ the bowl”, Worf’s “world of cardboard” speech, doin’ a Geostorm, getting caught “Ghosting”, going full sex farce, phaser Easy Mode, Katie shares her experiences stormchasing, and a long-overdue tribute to Rene Auberjonois!

Red space at night, Starfleet’s delight!

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