Season 5, Episode 18.5 Mark A. Altman and the Janeway Monument

This week, Mark A. Altman joins the show to talk about his life with Trek, including Free Enterprise, The Fifty-Year Mission, and Inglorious Treksperts, plus his CW series Pandora, watching TOS on an 11″ black and white screen, being a nerd who got inside Hollywood, writing the definitive Galactica 1980 text, and poetry of episode titles, and how a rerun of Star Trek II got us Star Trek VI!

Plus, we’ve got an interview with Peter Kaczmarczyk, president of the Captain Janeway Bloomington Collective about Bloomington’s new monument to Janeway and Kate Mulgrew!

This means something!

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The Fifty-Year Mission
Nobody Does it Better: The Complete, Uncensored, Unauthorized Oral History of James Bond

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