Season 5, Episode 18 Enterprising Individuals Live: Star Trek Nemesis 2020

The cons are closed but our annual live panel is open for business as we host a virtual round table discussion of the much-maligned Star Trek: Nemesis, with featured guests Jen Dallman, Ella Pearson, Gooey Fame, and Thad Hait!

Join us for a look at a Star Trek “film” that was hampered from the start, with a shrinking budget, way too many storylines, and a director who’d never seen Star Trek! We do our best to find the good in the last, tired effort of the TNG crew to find continuing success at the box office and *one more* reason why Worf is even there. Along the way, we talk about the dangers of infecting a pre-dune buggy society, space nosferatu, a hard stance against back hair, pre-jacked Hardy, a million knives, ramming it hard and backing it out, Shinzaway and Shinzo, psychic Ouija power, and having your pizza and root beer night RUINED!

Don’t worry, Hell is dark…and Star Trek: Nemesis is playing on a loop!

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