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Season 7, Episode 3.5 Trek Film Rankings

On the eve of Mission Chicago, Gooey Fame of Virtual Theater and Mikanhana of Sailor Noob join the show for our definitive rankings of the Star Trek films! Follow Virtual… Read more »

Season 5, Episode 9.5 Born With Teeth

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This week, we’re taking a quick tour of Trek news, including stories about virtual conventions, Janeway statues, and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar! Plus, a review of Kate Mulgrew’s first book, “Born With… Read more »

Season 4, Episode 16.5 Apollo Review and Trek News Roundup

We’re slipping the surly bonds of Earth this week as Just Enough Trope’s Mikanhana is back on the show to review “Apollo”, a graphic novel about the Apollo 11 mission… Read more »

Season 3, Episode 16.5 Supplemental: Short Treks and The Green Girl

Unstop the presses this week ’cause we’ve got news about the upcoming series of Discovery mini-episodes, Short Treks! Plus, we’ve got news about CBS, planet Vulcan, and a plaintive plea… Read more »

Season 3, Episode 8.5 Supplemental: The Devil Made Me Due It

Get your long spoons ready this week as we sup with a whole host of devils! We take a look at the demonic and devilish in folklore from around the… Read more »