Season 3, Episode 8.5 Supplemental: The Devil Made Me Due It

Get your long spoons ready this week as we sup with a whole host of devils! We take a look at the demonic and devilish in folklore from around the world and around the Alpha Quadrant!

Plus, we’ve got an update on the CBS/Viacom merger, news about Takei and Nichols, Star Trek Land, and The Expanse! Want a review of Solo: A Star Wars Story? We’ve got one! Just sign on the dotted line…

What ARE you going to do, bad boys? You haven’t said yet.

Look at the tangle of thorns that is the CBS/Viacom deal!
Shari Redstone’s National Amusements Fires Back at Leslie Moonves, CBS Board in Lawsuit

Here’s the links to the books and comics mentioned on the show:

Satan in America: The Devil We Know
Lucifer (DC Comics)
The Han Solo Adventures
The Han Solo Trilogy
The Lando Calrissian Trilogy
Paradise Lost: The Biblically Annotated Version

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