Season 3, Episode 8: “Devil’s Due” (TNG) with John Jackson Miller

Get ready to shout at, dance with, and sympathize for Old Scratch this week as we pay the “Devil’s Due”!

New York Times best-selling author John Jackson Miller returns to the show to discuss an episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation where Picard must lawyer for his soul, ship, and crew against the comely, coiffed Adversary herself! But, not everything is as infernal as it seems and the people of Ventax II may be the victims of a millennia-long con!

Over the course of the show, we discuss weaponized illusion, the social impact of fearing God (and the Devil), making lemonade out of bad circumstances, six degrees of Ardra, having 15 writers on a script, and why Picard sounds a lot like Kirk in this episode. Plus, we talk comics and Star Wars and Star Wars comics, how everything connects back to ’80s procedural shows, needing a “guy in the chair”, telling (again) the story of Dark Phoenix, John talks about how this episode inspired part of his Prey trilogy, and Kal makes a shaky connection to Watchmen! The contract clearly says, “Listen to this episode!”

Devil’s due what Picard don’t!

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