Season 7, Episode 7 “Star Trek: Generations” with Mikanhana

Get ready to be inside joy this week as we finally reach the first TNG film: “Star Trek: Generations”!

Mikanhana of Sailor Noob and Just Enough Trope returns to the show this week to discuss the Next Generation crew’s first foray onto the big screen. When the Enterprise-D responds to an innocent distress call, her crew finds themselves drawn into an interstellar conspiracy with a deadly purpose. Picard must literally race against time to save his crew and prevent more destruction and he’ll need the help of a long “dead” Starfleet legend…Captain James T. Kirk!

The TOS series of films had its ups and downs, but it went out about as well as it possibly could with the excellent Star Trek VI. Now, it was a new crew’s turn to take the reins. A crew who had proven popularity on the small screen but was yet untested at the box-office. What began as a possibly calculated move–the inclusion of former franchise star William Shatner in the film–became instead a unique and rewarding opportunity to let both franchises meet on-screen and to see the torch passed, from one generation to another. On this episode, we talk about familiar and yet unfamiliar sight of Next Gen on the big screen, the new cinematic look of TNG, the way the film captures the heart and the intellect of the series, the new facets of characters like Picard and Data, the poignant themes of change and loss, and why it’s okay that your movie “feels like a long episode.”

We also discuss TV shows and movies swapping roles, the birth of unhelpful criticism, the James Cameron sequel, thanking Melinda Snodgrass, the mystery of 47, getting Geordi an iPhone, hangin’ with Nana, racing RedLetterMedia, the punchiest captain in Starfleet history, running out of Data stories, throwing women overboard, the Riker/Worf broship, Big Kirk Bi Energy, that Nexus sweet spot, Beef Jerky Sting, groundhog eggs, and saying goodbye to the D!

Hug your cat; you never know!

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