Season 6, Episode 4 “Sins of the Father” (TNG) with Fred Love

Choose your cha’DIch and sharpen your kut’luch as we atone for the “Sins of the Father”!

Writer and musician Fred Love returns to the show this week to discuss an episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation that helped set the scene for decades of Klingon stories. When Worf discovers he has a long-lost brother, he must join him in defending their late father’s honor. But when a conspiracy involving the Klingon High Council is uncovered, he’ll have to give up his most treasured possession to protect his family: his honor!

Klingon episodes of TNG and DS9 represent almost a sub-genre within the world of Star Trek, presenting an epic, near-Shakespearean narrative that runs parallel to the typical episodic fare. Thanks to the efforts of writers like Ronald D. Moore, Worf and the Klingons went from a mere curiosity to a vibrant and vital part of the ongoing story of Trek. On this episode, we discuss how “Sins” established the look and feel of Klingon installments, how they represented some of the franchise’s first long-term continuity, the passion of Klingon fans, the way serial fiction compares to role-playing narratives, the undeniable talent of Tony Todd, making interesting choices in storytelling, the tangled history of the Klingon empire, and how Worf is the longest running character in the franchise.

We also discuss pandemic storytelling, an “evenness of difference”, having Trek as your only credit, VHS board games, “D” plots, PBEM sim war stories, winging it at the RPG table, Worf’s muddled future, empty threats and bluster, fun stabby uncles, how to taunt by not taunting, the Pax Klingonia, and what woulg make a good “empire”.

Fun always trumps the rules!

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