Monthly Archives: September 2019

Season 4, Episode 17 “Rejoined” (DS9) with Eleanor Tremeer

Get ready to confront your complicated romantic past as we become “Rejoined”! Writer Eleanor Tremeer rejoins the show this week to discuss an episode of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine… Read more »

Season 4, Episode 16.5 Apollo Review and Trek News Roundup

We’re slipping the surly bonds of Earth this week as Just Enough Trope’s Mikanhana is back on the show to review “Apollo”, a graphic novel about the Apollo 11 mission… Read more »

Season 4, Episode 15.5 Religion in Trek with Dr. James McGrath

This week, we’re talking about a different kind of “canon” as Dr. James McGrath joins the show to talk about religion in Star Trek! Gene Roddenberry’s vision of the future… Read more »