Tag: Eleanor Tremeer

Season 4, Episode 17 “Rejoined” (DS9) with Eleanor Tremeer

Get ready to confront your complicated romantic past as we become “Rejoined”! Writer Eleanor Tremeer rejoins the show this week to discuss an episode of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine… Read more »

Season 3, Episode 18: “Homefront” & “Paradise Lost” (DS9) with Eleanor Tremeer

This week, we’re exploring the difference between Creole and Cajun as well as prudence and paranoia as we examine “Homefront” and “Paradise Lost”! Writer Eleanor Tremeer comes back to Enterprising… Read more »

Star Trek: Discoverage! Discovery Season One Revisited

While we wait for the second season of Star Trek: Discovery, our recap show Discoverage looks back at Discovery’s bombastic first season! Ella Pearson of Generations Geek, writer and graphic… Read more »