Star Trek: Discoverage! Discovery Season One Revisited

While we wait for the second season of Star Trek: Discovery, our recap show Discoverage looks back at Discovery’s bombastic first season! Ella Pearson of Generations Geek, writer and graphic designer Sara Lynn Michener, and writer and editor Eleanor Tremeer join the show to discuss the adventures of the USS Discovery and the return of Star Trek to TV after 13 years.

Along the way, we discuss the “one long episode” that is season one, as well as the evolution of TV storytelling, the mechanics of reaching utopia, getting a poker game started on the Disco, pretentious episode titles, getting better shows from smaller budgets, fan reactions, the deafening silence of Tumblr, and blueberries!

Plus, Aaron pines for the future of the future, Sara is screening calls from Drugs, Eleanor goes schinken on German cuisine, and Ella’s cat Ripley has to save herself!

This is the definitive retrospective of a Discovery season . . . at least until season 2!

Note: this recap was recorded before the announcement of Berg and Harberts leaving the show and being replaced by Kurtzman and the announcement of new Trek shows in development

Here’s a link to Ella’s excellent media studies video on Star Trek: Discovery!

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