Season 6, Episode 3 “The War Without, The War Within” (DIS) with Anika and Liz

Hold on to yourself and get for battle as we fight “The War Without, The War Within”!

Anika Dane and Liz Barr of Antimatter Pod are back on the show this week to discuss an episode of Star Trek: Discovery that sees our heroes wrestling with threats both physical and emotional. The crew of the Discovery has gone from the frying pan to the fire as they return from the Mirror Universe to a Federation shattered by war with the Klingons. Now, Cornwell and Sarek plan a desperate strike at the Klingon homeworld, while Burnham must face the consequences of saving Empress Georgiou *and* recrimination from an agonized Tyler!

There is a consistent charge from ignorant fans that Discovery and all new Trek shows aren’t really “Trek”, but such accusations reveal in the accuser an ignorance not only of Disco but of recent history. All new Trek series . . . yes, even everyone’s beloved DS9 . . . was excoriated by “real” fans on its initial release, but time and perspective always silence the naysayers. Discovery constantly shows, particularly in this hour, that it holds up the franchise’s best traditions of character drama, utopian fiction, and valuing connectedness over division. On this episode, we discuss the original but familiar aspects of modern Trek, criticism from ignorance, the importance of talking (and not talking) in your narrative, exploring abuse and trauma through a sci-fi lens, earning your moments, giving non-Anglo voices a platform, and times when the “right” choice is the right choice.

We also discuss cranky old Ellison, writing fic vs. lit, easing into new shows, Murdoch the First, hating birds, Law and Order and Trauma, why good admirals go bad, exes that never were, Sarek>Worf, the Federation as a levelling force, Archer = trash captain, a little WandaVision talk, and a lot of Mirror Universe hacky sackin’!.

Don’t watch trash! I raised you better than this!

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