Season 3, Episode 7.5 Supplemental: Trek Wars

Ignite your sabers this week as we pay tribute to the other “Star” franchise, checking in on that galaxy far, far away and how it compares to Roddenberry’s future! Plus, tales of the Taco Bell Light Menu, putting the Star Wars CCG beatdown on some grade-schoolers, and the hum of a lightsaber being the background noise of our collective childhood. Later, Ella Pearson of Generations Geek joins the show to talk Trek vs. Wars, Adam Savage being wrong (and orange), the cultural impact of Wars and Trek, Carrie Fisher, bun escalation, not being a Solo try-hard, and some Last Jedi hot goss! Listen up, we’re only doing this once, then it’s back to the Alpha Quadrant!

Kathleen Kennedy, where’s my “Lando in high school” show?!

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