Season 3, Episode 7: “The Galileo Seven” (TOS) with Pete the Retailer

Dust off your arm capes and pull up your XXXXL corduroys as we go looking for “The Galileo Seven!”

Star Wars Minute and ABCDevo host Pete the Retailer comes aboard this week to discuss the episode of Star Trek: the Original Series where Spock must take charge after a shuttle crash, and our favorite Human/Vulcan hybrid must decide what’s worse: the giant cavemen outside or his increasingly hostile subordinates! It’s like The Office except not funny and the accounting team are all killed.

During our talk, we discuss the development of the character of Spock from TV to film, the limits of logical problem solving, the perils of assistant management, the return of competency porn, and the intersection of Trek and Wars. Plus, Fisher Price engine parts, Dom as the Spock of the Fast and Furious franchise, Chipmunk Punk, Elstree 1976, forcing Spock to eat pork, inappropriate bridge laughter, tweed lasers, Kal plays Obscure Celebrity Doppelgangers, and Pete invents The Thing With Two Minutes: going through The Thing With Two Heads, two minutes at a time!

It’s dangerous to go Solo; take this show!

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