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Season 5, Episode 18.5 Mark A. Altman and the Janeway Monument

This week, Mark A. Altman joins the show to talk about his life with Trek, including Free Enterprise, The Fifty-Year Mission, and Inglorious Treksperts, plus his CW series Pandora, watching… Read more »

Season 5, Episode 9.5 Born With Teeth

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This week, we’re taking a quick tour of Trek news, including stories about virtual conventions, Janeway statues, and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar! Plus, a review of Kate Mulgrew’s first book, “Born With… Read more »

Season 5, Episode 9 “Coda” (VOY) with Jen Dallman

Stick a cortical stimulator on that dying swan because it’s time to dance the “Coda”! Jen Dallman of the Rosemary’s Ladies podcast is back on the show this week to… Read more »