Season 5, Episode 9 “Coda” (VOY) with Jen Dallman

Stick a cortical stimulator on that dying swan because it’s time to dance the “Coda”!

Jen Dallman of the Rosemary’s Ladies podcast is back on the show this week to discuss an episode of Star Trek: Voyager that puts Captain Janeway’s self-possession on trial. When a temporal anomaly causes her shuttle to crash, Kathryn Janeway is seemingly killed. When an apparition of her father appears to her in her seeming afterlife, she’ll be forced to choose between letting go and the self-assuredness she’s built her life and career on.

Twenty-five years ago, Voyager’s finale “Endgame” aired on UPN, leaving the show with an alleged mixed legacy. But with the advent of streaming services and social media, Voyager was introduced to a new generation of fans who have embraced the show’s ambitious premise and memorable characters, chief among them Captain Kathryn Janeway, play to the hilt by actress Kate Mulgrew. On this episode, we talk about the barriers that Voyager broke as a Trek series, the hodgepodge of initial ideas that coalesced into “Coda”, why Voyager continues to endure as a series and how the fans have kept it alive, Janeway as a leader and captain, the way the series reuses and improves existing Trek stories, and the guiding hand of veteran producer Jeri Taylor.

We also discuss the series’ fluctuating quality, forgetting about Kes, how much horror is *too much* horror, Ocampan back sack, demon delicatessen, improving CPR, euthanizing your captain, Happy Death Day, going all-in on Janeway, Voyager as the first “fan-fic” Trek series, starting the story in the middle, Kazon = Ferengi, #notallromulans, the Passion of the Janeway, pushups and prayer, a little New Mutants talk, a LOT of BSG talk, Jen gives thumbs down to all the ‘ships, and Kal thinks Starfleet is a bunch of rubes!

“Coda” is a classic Jacob’s Ladder scenario!

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