Season 6, Episode 6 “Investigations” (VOY) with Asterios Kokkinos

We’re finding out how deep the rabbit hole goes this week as we conduct “Investigations”!

Comedian, writer, and podcaster Asterios Kokkinos returns to the show to discuss an episode of Star Trek: Voyager that shakes up the Season 2 status quo. Neelix’s talk show is the only place in the quadrant you can see juggling AND slides of the Klingon glottis. But when Tom Paris abruptly jumps ship, Neelix will follow a thread of mystery that leads to conspiracy and death!

One of Voyager’s greatest strengths as a show is in its characters and the actors that portray them. Being cooped up on a small ship in the middle of nowhere could have been an exercise in monotony, but Voyager was always adept at finding a new wrinkle of characterization to exploit for drama or comedy. On this episode, we discuss the way the Voyager mined its premise, the powerful charisma of the show’s leads, the show’s sometime rocky road to character development, the fandom split over Neelix, and why it’s important that your characters like each other.

We also discuss Jedi sashimi, introducing Gen Z to call-in shows, a “past version of the future”, Maquis liking it raw, Donnie Brascoing the Kazons, Voyager’s phone logs, who the main character of Voyager is, comparing Enterprise to anime, Neck Breakin’ Jesus, Romulan pudding, the Star Trek Breakfast Club, “Dad and Daddy-o”, some Cyberpunk talk, and why video games are the least cool addiction.

Go, Neelix! Go!

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