Season 5, Episode 2 “Scorpion, Pts. 1 & 2″ (VOY) with Kelli Fitzpatrick

Prepare to remodulate your phaser frequencies as we go for a ride with “Scorpion, Pts. 1 & 2”!

Author, teacher, and community activist Kelli Fitzpatrick joins the show this week to discuss a pair of Star Trek: Voyager episodes that see Captain Janeway contemplating a deal with a devil she knows in order to defeat a much more terrifying enemy. Voyager’s journey back to the Alpha Quadrant has finally crossed into Borg space and the crew must decide whether to press forward or give up their quest to return home. But the Borg have their appendages full with an invasion from another dimension, and Species 8472 could spell the end for Voyager, the Borg, and the entire galaxy!

The fourth season of every Star Trek show starts with a bang, and Voyager is no exception. Janeway and crew are faced with a near-undefeatable enemy in Species 8472, not to mention thousands of Borg or the intractable moral quandary of restoring Seven of Nine’s humanity. “Scorpion” has our characters fighting tooth-and-nail with enemies and allies alike and struggling to remain human and humane in the face of disaster. On this episode, we talk about Voyager’s “Best of Both Worlds”, fighting against your nature, following the chain of command, the debate of collectivism vs. individuality, Janeway’s skills as a mentor, giving aid to the enemy, the limits of consent, exploring the right to die, and making the “anti-Tuvix decision.”

We also discuss recycling TNG plots, the lost art of the teaser, the unrealized 4th season of TOS, Chakotay channeling McCoy vibes, the coronavirus moving into your apartment, “Janekotway”, the vagaries of the universal translator, “Borgager”, the pastimes of powerful people, Sliders, Mom and Dad are fighting, “outer fluid”, some slight Picard premiere spoilers, and Aaron has a few notes for Alex Kurtzman!

“Excuse me . . . what do the Borg need with a planet?”

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