Season 5, Episode 1.5 Trek and Sex Work with Maggie McNeill

This week, writer, sex worker, and sex worker activist Maggie McNeill joins the show to talk about sex work in Star Trek. We’ve seen the Enterprise stop at its share of “pleasure planets” on Star Trek and no one bats an eye, which means that Risa either has the best roller coaster in the galaxy or the Federation is a lot cooler with sex work than our governments are in the 21st century. But how would sex work in a money-free society work? Are pleasure planets regulated by the government? Is there a horga’hn carver union? We answer (some) of these questions and more as we compare Trek’s utopian views on pleasure with the tangled mess of laws and opinions in the 21st century.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got a “UFP Vice” series to write!

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