Season 4, Episode 11.5 Trek Sex with Alexa and Connor of Boldly Boinking

Put down that book and whip out your horga’hn ’cause we’re talking about sex in the Star Trek universe! Alexa and Connor of the Boldly Boinking podcast join the show to talk about the REAL mystery of Star Trek: in a healthy, hangup-free humanist utopia, where’s all the sex? Connor and Alexa, aka Rocketman and the Tribble, are Trek sexperts and we’re going to get to the bottom of *add your own “bottom” pun here*. We talk about the dorky enthusiasm of Trek sex, Trek’s presentation of non-toxic masculinity, the effect of the human diaspora on human society, the Borg and BDSM, Janeway/everyone, “Blood and Fire”, Riker as Kirk XL, single serving soulmates, consent and the holodeck, Aaron trots out his “Justice”/AIDS theory again, Alexa stans for Dax, and Connor shouts out dem Montalban pecs! Plus, we’re all horrified by “Pretty Maids All in a Row”! Check it out!

Not “Pretty Maids All in a Row”…do NOT check that out…

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