Season 6, Episode 11 “Cease Fire” (ENT) with Mikanhana

Take your seat at the negotiation table as we seek a “Cease Fire”!

Mikanhana of Sailor Noob and Just Enough Trope is back on the show this week to discuss an episode of Star Trek: Enterprise that shows humanity finding a foothold in the affairs of the Alpha Quadrant. Vulcan and Andor have been warring over a Class-D moon for nearly a century. Now, Archer must convince them to settle for peace before the quadrant erupts into war!

Enterprise is often seen as the black sheep of the Trek family, usually by fans who haven’t given it a fair chance. Though it was conceived and executed during complicated political times and by creators who were fatigued, the show still finds a way to inject unique premises and interesting character studies into the legacy of Star Trek. On this episode, we discuss the circumstances of Enterprise’s development and how it changed over the years, the flawed characters and sometimes flawed stories, the chameleon powers of Jeffrey Combs, the show’s parallels to American jingoism, and how fans react when Trek doesn’t conform to our view of its utopian future,

We also discuss franchise exhaustion, ’90s anime, rubber budgets, Mando #5, persuasive nose blood, three “B’s” and a “C”, Q’s baby momma, “Honky Tonk Highway”, the Andorian lean, making a sex point, candy and Earl Grey tea, fried gator bits, pity renews, Rhys or Bryce, Andorian the White, Kirk v. Archer, and an extended metaphor about the “Star” franchise family!

Bad show! No Biscuit!

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