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Season 6, Episode 17 “North Star” (ENT) with Thad Hait

We’re taking our phase pistols to town this week as we follow “North Star”! Podcaster and cosplayer Thad Hait returns to the show to discuss an episode of Star Trek:… Read more »

Season 6, Episode 11 “Cease Fire” (ENT) with Mikanhana

Take your seat at the negotiation table as we seek a “Cease Fire”! Mikanhana of Sailor Noob and Just Enough Trope is back on the show this week to discuss… Read more »

Season 5, Episode 16 “Similitude” (ENT) with Jason Inman

Get ready to make an impossible choice this week as we examine “Similitude”! Writer, producer, and podcast host Jason Inman joins the show this week to discuss an episode of… Read more »

Season 4, Episode 20 “The Andorian Incident” (ENT) with Gooey Fame

Kiss the Blarney Stone and rub the Buddha’s belly ’cause we’re getting involved in “The Andorian Incident”! Musician and podcaster Gooey Fame returns to the show this week to discuss… Read more »

Season 4, Episode 7 “The Enterprise Incident” (TOS) with Kevin Church

Your mission this week, if you choose to accept it, is to infiltrate and seduce the enemy for “The Enterprise Incident”! Editor and comics scribe Kevin Church joins the show… Read more »

Season 4, Episode 3 “Twilight” (ENT) with Peter Aidan Byrne

Sharpen up your Zefram Cochrane statue as we take a stab at “Twilight”! Peter Aidan Byrne of Trek vs. Trek joins the show this week for our first episode about… Read more »

Season 2, Episode 11.5 Supplemental: Bjo and John Trimble

Whether you’re binging on DS9 episodes on Netflix, or tucking into your favorite Star Trek novel, or just climbing the walls in anticipation of Star Trek: Discovery, there’s a couple… Read more »