Season 4, Episode 20 “The Andorian Incident” (ENT) with Gooey Fame

Kiss the Blarney Stone and rub the Buddha’s belly ’cause we’re getting involved in “The Andorian Incident”!

Musician and podcaster Gooey Fame returns to the show this week to discuss an episode of Star Trek: Enterprise that spotlights the complex political situation in the Alpha Quadrant and Archer’s indelicate but noble approach to it! When the NX-01’s visit to a Vulcan monastery evolves into a tense hostage situation, the crew finds themselves at the mercy of suspicious and trigger-happy Andorians. As Archer works to free the landing party, he learns a shocking truth that threatens to bring the Vulcan-Andorian conflict to a boiling point!

Enterprise debuted at a turning point in world history, and as it tried to rewrite and expand the past of the Star Trek universe, it couldn’t help but be influenced by events in the real world. Trek’s first prequel series may have struggled to define itself, but the talented and experienced crew behind the show were often still capable of delivering an exciting hour of action and introspection in the Trek style. On this episode, we talk about the influence of nostalgia in Trek and genre storytelling, how 9/11 affected pop culture, the polish evident in Enterprise’s early episodes, the reasons behind fandom’s rejection of later Trek series, the T’Pol problem, Trek’s deep bench of character actors, the imperfect heroes of the 22nd century, and the genius of Jeffrey Combs.

We also discuss stress-type Pokemon, retro video gaming, eating food off the ground, “you’re not my real space dad!”, Web of Fries, the scent of a human, shoehorning intimacy, blowing up the face, Vulcan horses, introducing “playing possum” to the galaxy, meddling Earthers, Kelsey Grammer as Garak, Kal thinks they should have sent a diplomat, and Gooey tempts fate by asking “What is a Farscape?”

If you’re sick of Enterprise, you’re sick of TREK!

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