Season 4, Episode 14 “Sarek” (TNG) with Anika and Liz of Antimatter Pod

Get ready to surrender control of your feelings as we negotiate with “Sarek”!

Anika Dane and Liz Barr, the hosts of Antimatter Pod, join the show the week to discuss an episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation that sees the return of a legendary Trek character and actor. Ambassador Sarek is negotiating a treaty that will be the crowning achievement of a life dedicated to service and self-control. But, when a rare disease causes his turbulent emotions to infect those around him, he’ll have to cede control of his mind to Captain Picard, who may find his own mind consumed by Sarek’s suppressed regrets and desires!

Gene Roddenberry, for all of his faults, was a man with a vision of a future where humanity had conquered its demons and pursued peace and self-improvement. But as he neared the end of his life, he, like Sarek, found his faculties waning and he was similarly forced to pass on his creation to a willing and able new generation of writers and creators. On this episode, we talk about the tragic frustration of senescence and senility, the futility of trying to secure your legacy, the way TNG found itself in its third season, the talent and dignity of Mark Lenard, the versatility and bravery of Patrick Stewart, and the joy of seeing these two acting legends meet on screen.

We also discuss dressing up your pillows, the American Doctor Who film, hitting for the cycle on TOS aliens, succession planning for franchises, the “kidnapping season”, the Geordi/Wesley watchlist, dating Eleanor Roosevelt, strong wimple game, real emotions and fake tears, the mystery of Frakes’s finger, Anika thinks Perrin and Picard are a thing, Liz shares her research into Trek novel author demographics, and Kal has to apologize to Garrett Wang!

Bring back the Legarans, cowards!

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