Season 4, Episode 14.5 Neuroatypicality in Trek with Thad Hait

This week, we continue our examination of representation in Trek as Thad Hait joins the show to talk neuroatypicality in Star Trek. Characters like Spock, Data, and Seven of Nine often struggle with expressing their emotions and when relating to their fellow crew members, things that many Trek fans on the autistic spectrum find all too familiar. Even though these characters weren’t created with autism in mind, they still have served as an inspiration to those on the spectrum and can serve as an important educational tool for neurotypicals. During the show, we talk about the importance of depicting neurodiversity in Trek, Data’s (obvious) emotions, dispelling the “superpowers” myth, Odo’s fixation on routine, how Trek compares to Big Bang, Seven dumping Chakotay, meeting party aliens, and an Alphas shout-out!

Does Sybok drink Maibock?

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