Season 4, Episode 10 “Relics” (TNG) with John Edward Betancourt

Take a sentimental journey with us this week as we raise a glass to the days gone by and examine “Relics”! editor-in-chief John Edward Betancourt joins the show this week for a look at an episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation that pays loving homage to both the TOS era and one of the Original Series’s best characters. While answering a Federation distress call, the Enterprise-D discovers a mysterious Dyson sphere and its lone occupant: 147 year old Starfleet engineer Montgomery Scott! As Scotty struggles to acclimate to the 24th century, the Enterprise finds itself snared by an energy field that threatens to destroy the ship. Will Scotty be able to work one more miracle to save one more Enterprise?

As TNG became more established as the new Trek status quo, the creators behind the series became more open to acknowledging the franchise’s amazing past, and this episode is a celebration and loving send-up of the Trek of yesteryear. During our discussion, we talk about the love and energy the crew of TNG put in to recreating a glimpse of TOS, the way Relics and Generations serve to pass the torch to the new crew, the real science behind Dyson spheres, the amazing life and career(s) of James Doohan, TNG making good on the promise of equality proposed in TOS, letting story trump canon, and the longevity of Trek and other seemingly immortal franchises.

We also talk about the challenge of creating the TOS bridge set and why we have Frasier to thank for it, why it’s OK to beam through shields, Picard’s “On Golden Pond”, Ron Moore dancing, how Doohan’s agent saved Scotty but gave us Welshie, we ask how far superhero movies will go, we get mad at mom from throwing out our model kits, we ask how synthehol works, Aaron shares his Mallrats story, and John talks about almost meeting Stephen King!

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