Season 3, Episode 5: “The Voyager Conspiracy” (VOY) with Dr. David A. Banks

Replicate yourself a tin foil hat and get ready to see the fnords as we overload our cortical implants to discuss “The Voyager Conspiracy!”

Writer, researcher, and teacher Dr. David A. Banks joins the show to talk about an episode of Voyager that sees Seven of Nine question everything she thinks she knows about her crewmates and the circumstances that brought them to the Delta Quadrant. Will she expose the lies that are hidden in plain sight . . . or is it all in her fevered mind?

It’s an episode that challenges the idea that more data equals more insight, and also acts as a canny examination of mental illness. In our talk, David and I discuss the conspicuous absence of transhumanism in the world of Trek, how transporters could mean the death of social media, how net neutrality will disenfranchise marginalized populations, representations of neuroatypicality in sci-fi, and who decides what’s “baseline human”.

Plus, we explore having your cake and complaining about it, asking Alexa if you’re a good captain, spinning prosaicism into profundity with TED, being a child of the ’90s, and yelling at your boss on the Holodeck!

Listen in on The (Subspace) Conversation before Robert Mueller subpoenas us!

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