Season 4, Episode 18.5 Trek Law

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We’re on the case this week as Jen Dallman of the Rosemary’s Ladies podcast joins the show to talk about law in the Star Trek universe! A society with no money and no scarcity should need no lawyers . . . or so thought Gene Roddenberry . . . but it turns out to be a little more complicated than that because people and things mean laws and lawyers, no matter what century you live in.

On the episode, we talk about the legal training Starfleet officers must get, the crazy conflicts of interest in most Trek trials, what you “own” in a scarcity-free society, trombones and Camaros, legal jurisdictions in the Human Diaspora, crime and punishment in the Star Trek universe, the twisted Cardassian legal system, legislative intent re: crushed flowers, the measure of a hologram, and of course, Lawyer Picard!

What’s the difference between a lawyer and a horta? One is a spineless, subterranean creature and the other is a horta.

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