Season 2, Episode 17: “Imaginary Friend” (TNG) with Mikanhana

We call the Enterprise-D’s child care system into serious question this week as Mikanhana of the Just Enough Trope podcast joins the show to talk about the TNG 5th season episode that Brannon Braga is most proud of, “Imaginary Friend”!

We dive into an examination of Trek’s long tradition of “kid” episodes and ask, “Why?” Plus, we discuss the hypothetical terrifying grab bag of submitted scripts that led to this and other left-field Trek outings. While we’re doing that, we talk keeping up with the Winslows, Klingon renfest, the perfect anti-joke, The Geordi Problem, “Sutter’s Cloud needs moms”, and sexual chocolate! Plus, we pitch a TNG/Fresh Prince crossover, a Star Trek: Cultural Damage Control series, and Mika answers “girl questions”!

In Soviet Russia, space explores you!

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