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Season 5, Episode 13 “The Void” (VOY) with Dr. Erin Macdonald

Hold tight to what’s yours as we examine the “The Void”! Astrophysicist, science consultant, and voice actress Dr. Erin Macdonald returns to the show this week to discuss an episode… Read more »

Season 5, Episode 10.5 Trek Biology Revisited with Dr. Athena Andreadis

This week, Dr. Athena Andreadis joins the show to discuss biology in Trek, the “moral leaks” of the Federation, the COVID-19 response, and more! Tardigrades in SPAAAAAAAACE! Get “To Seek… Read more »

Season 4, Episode 3.5 Supplemental: Trek Physics with Dr. Erin Macdonald

Get ready to jump beyond the red line as we look at the fabric of the Trek universe! Warp drive expert and “Tattooed Gravity Queen” Dr. Erin Macdonald joins the… Read more »