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Season 4, Episode 19.5 Mary Fan and Sci-Fi Horror

We’re giving Star Trek a rest (in peace) this week as we discuss some of sci-fi’s smartest and spookiest films! Plus, author Mary Fan joins the show to continue last… Read more »

Season 3, Episode 19.5 Supplemental: Trek or Treat!

Ok . . . so enlightened 24th century humans don’t believe in ghosts and goblins. But we’re not in the 24th century yet! This week, we’re celebrating Halloween and talking… Read more »

Season 3, Episode 19: “Wolf in the Fold” (TOS) with Marc Giller

Our exploration of the spooky side of Trek continues this week, as we stalk the fog-strewn streets of Argelius II looking for the “Wolf in the Fold”! Author Marc Giller… Read more »