Season 6, Episode 8 “The Infinite Vulcan” (TAS) with Ryan Britt

Grab a spray can of your grandaddy’s special pesticide as we marvel at “The Infinite Vulcan”!

Writer Ryan Britt returns to the show this week to discuss an episode of Star Trek: The Animated Series that was written by the multi-talented Walter Koenig. When the Enterprise discovers a long-lost civilization of plant-like aliens, Spock is kidnapped and cloned by a Eugenics War scientist. Now, Kirk and crew must save their friend, stop the Phylosians’ plans for galactic domination, and face . . . Spock 2!

The Animated Series is an oft-overlooked wing of the Trek universe that nevertheless gave us a continuation of the five-year mission and a variety of charming and creative adventures for the crew of the Enterprise. Likewise, Walter Koenig rarely takes center stage in the world of Star Trek, but but his warmth and humor both brought Pavel Chekov to life and kept fans in stitches with his screenwriting and his non-fiction accounts of his life in Trek. On this episode, we discuss TAS as the underappreciated chapter of the Trek universe, the way the Star Trek survives by reinventing itself, the persistence of elements introduced into canon by TAS, the continuing career of Walter Koenig, the work of Hal Sutherland, and the narrative lenses employed in Trek storytelling.

We also discuss parenting tips from Captain Kirk, Duncans Idaho, “sci-fi with conveniences”, bad Philip K Dick books, Shatner’s big week, sending Spock to the bathroom, talking OG BSG with the TOS cast, Tuvok’s Brain, overlapping continuities, a Trek news roundup, and even MORE Starlost talk!

Give us Giant Ethan Peck, cowards!


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