New Star Trek: Discovery Novel “Dead Endless” Due Out December 17

As we reported yesterday on Twitter, author Dave Galanter has written a new Star Trek: Discovery novel which is due out on December 17th of this year. The book, which will be the sixth in the new series of Discovery tie-ins beginning with David Mack’s Desperate Hours, is titled Dead Endless and will continue the tradition of character-focused novels by centering on Paul Stamets.

I talked with Dave at the Shore Leave convention in Hunt Valley, Maryland this weekend about the new novel, his first Trek book since his 2015 TOS novel Crisis of ConsciousnessDead Endless will follow the USS Discovery during an as of yet undisclosed time frame, though Dave says that while writing the novel he used “every character possible” and that, including focusing on Stamets, he got a chance to flesh out Airiam’s character (so to speak).

In the novel, the USS Discovery becomes trapped within the mycelial network, depleted of the Stellaviatori that fuel their spore drive and with no way to return to normal space. Within the network, they receive a distress call from a seemingly human Starfleet officer whose motives and identity they come to question. Is he really Starfleet, or is he an alien imposter also looking to escape from the mycelial plane and will the Discovery itself be able to find a way to return home?

Dead Endless will be released on December 17th; no cover is currently available but it will likely feature Anthony Rapp as Paul Stamets and will be priced at $16, similar to John Jackson Miller’s recent release, The Enterprise War. Pre-orders are also not currently available, but keep an eye on your book buying platform of choice.

Dave has been a fan of Star Trek: Discovery from the start and has appeared several times on Discoverage, our live Discovery recap and discussion show. Discoverage will return in the near future with the premiere of Discovery season 3, and we will also be providing special coverage of Star Trek: Picard and other upcoming CBS All Access Trek series.

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