Season 4, Episode 1 “The Devil in the Dark” (TOS) with Lee Sargent

Set your tricorders to scan for silicon as we look for “The Devil in the Dark”!

Artist and creator of the Star Trek 365 project Lee Sargent helps kick off our 4th season with a look at an episode of The Original Series that represents quintessential Star Trek. When pergium miners start dying mysteriously, Kirk and crew are tasked with killing the creature responsible. But, when the “monster” turns out to be a frightened mother, Kirk and Spock must race to save its life and the future of its species . . . if the miners don’t get it first!

This Gene Coon-penned episode was a high point of Trek’s early years, and its themes of acceptance and tolerance would come to define the franchise in all its iterations. In our discussion, we talk about the talents of William Shatner and Leonard Nimoy, the variety of alien designs found in Trek, the sometimes troubled legacy of Trek actors, the unsung efforts of Kellam de Forest, why ’60s Trek wouldn’t work today, and being clever with your “man is the real monster” reveal.

We also talk about how tall Gates McFadden is, being from Space New York, how you can never have enough hoses, the real reason the interior of the Enterprise-D looks like a hotel lobby, Old Devo, being pro-hand plant, who would *really* win in a captain free-for-all, that filthy word “canon”, and Lee shares his Jason Momoa story!

*spikes camera* Looks like . . . WE’RE the devil in the dark. *smash cut to credits*

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