Season 3, Episode 21 “Threshold” (VOY) with Alan Gratz

Get ready to evolve to the next level as we cross the barrier to reach “Threshold”!

New York Times best-selling author Alan Gratz returns to the show to examine an episode of Star Trek: Voyager that sets a new low for the franchise. When Tom Paris dares to break the warp barrier, he finds himself forever altered. Now, as he struggles to remain himself, the crew’s ideas of what’s possible and what’s acceptable collide!

We do our level best to drag this Emmy-winning episode back from the halls of shame as we examine what makes an episode of Star Trek truly “bad”. Along the way, we discuss the missed storytelling opportunities of Voyager, Tom Paris as THE white guy of the show, the Hudsuckerian rise of Michael De Luca, the constraints of streaming TV and the freedom of fan films, and the unsung little person actors on the show!

We also talk about banned books, the first Trek depiction of a virginity loss, mind grapes, some toy talk, why piloting means having a high WPM in the future, Kal CORRECTLY predicts the Georgiou show, Alan predicts the Lower Decks show, Worf killing a kid via football, and #AllSalamandersMatter!

If you want me at my Best of Both Worlds, take me at my Threshold!

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