Season 3, Episode 17.5 Supplemental: Clarence Brown of Discussing Trek

This week, we welcome aboard Clarence Brown of the Discussing Trek podcast to talk about what’s coming up in the world of Star Trek! We break down the news about the new Picard show, discuss the positives and negatives of “canon”, talk about the changing face of fandom in the digital age, and we speculate on the “future” of the future!

Plus, we take a look back at Season 1 of Star Trek: Discovery, we take a look ahead at Season 2 and “Short Treks”, Clarence talks about “catching up” as a young fan without satellite TV, and Aaron is obsessed with Rob Liefeld’s feet! It’s less weird than it sounds!

Come back this Thursday @ 9:00pm central for our live recap of “Runaway”, the first Discovery Short Trek! Use the link below or click through from Twitter/Facebook to join the chat live!

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