Season 3, Episode 14: “The Way of the Warrior” (DS9) with Dr. Una McCormack

Sharpen your bat’leth and pour yourself a tall glass of prune juice as we walk “The Way of the Warrior”!

New York Times bestselling author and lecturer Dr. Una McCormack joins the show this week as we examine an episode of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine that opens a new chapter of the “Russian novel” that is Trek’s most complicated series. The Klingons, spoiling for a fight with the Dominion, have barged their way onto the station and into Bajoran space, and Lt. Commander Worf is dispatched to assess the worsening situation in the sector. But when a Klingon Empire plot to preemptively invade Cardassia is revealed, Sisko and crew must race to protect the Detapa Council, and Starfleet’s lone Klingon officer must choose between his people and his principles!

This highly regarded, feature length episode serves as a soft reboot of the series, adding fan-favorite Worf to DS9’s “Island of Misfit Toys” crew, while setting the growing threat of the Dominion at center stage. As we discuss the episode, we touch on the producers’ efforts to “shake up” the show, the trials and responsibilities of being an outsider, the realism of being trapped into making bad decisions, the satisfying pairings within the cast, and we ask, “What’s more important to drama: conflict or stakes?”

Plus, we contrast DS9 with that *other* space station show, compare Sherlocks, praise the “shirty” Dr. Pulaski, have a bit of a chin wag about Blake’s 7, and we question if a massage is really a massage. Also, we recoil at the Health and Safety nightmare of blood tests, talk about making the right decision . . . or at least having a good defense at your court martial, making your own teleport bracelets, Aaron continues his love affair with Gowron, and Una talks about her crazy, TNG-on-VHS Friday nights at university!

You should never cut Garak and you shouldn’t miss this episode!

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