Who are the People on your Crew Roster: “Lt. Cmdr. Airiam”

Star Trek: Discovery is set in Trek’s past, but so far we’ve been treated to a galaxy of new technology, ships, and alien races. In our new weekly feature, “Who are the People on your Crew Roster?”, we’ll examine the new faces seen on Federation and other alien ships.

Lieutenant Commander Airiam

Race: Robot . . . no, augmented alien . . . no, augmented human

Actor: Sara Mitich

Threat Level: Sorayama

Captain: America?

Face: plate

Lieutenant Commander Airiam is the spore drive ops officer aboard the USS Discovery, presumably overseeing the correct spinning of the ship’s turntables that allow it to trip the light funkadelic.

Airiam is described as an “augmented human”, though the extent and specifics of those augmentations has not yet been explored. She appears to otherwise be a normally functioning human, though the show’s producers have suggested that her components and appearance can be modified for particular mission requirements. But if that’s true, why don’t they stick a face on her. Jeez.

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