Who are the People on your Crew Roster: “Lieutenant Troke”

Star Trek: Discovery is set in Trek’s past, but so far we’ve been treated to a galaxy of new technology, ships, and alien races. In our new weekly feature, “Who are the People on your Crew Roster?”, we’ll examine the new faces seen on Federation and other alien ships.

Lieutenant Troke

Race: Tulian

Expression: Oven on?

Actor: uncredited

Acne: cyber

Bolians: Have barbers? Really?

Also seen only in the first two episodes of Star Trek: Discovery, Lieutenant Troke was deputy chief of the Shenzhou’s sciences division. The Tulian officer was named in David Mack’s Discovery novel, Desperate Hours; Tulians are described as a cousin species to Bolians.

Troke hasn’t been seen on screen since the two-hour premiere, but if his console exploded during the Battle at the Binary Stars and left him with a vertical scar down the center of his face, he’d have a lot of explaining to do.

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