Who are the People on your Crew Roster: “Ensign Jira Narwani”

Star Trek: Discovery is set in Trek’s past, but so far we’ve been treated to a galaxy of new technology, ships, and alien races. In our new weekly feature, “Who are the People on your Crew Roster?”, we’ll examine the new faces seen on Federation and other alien ships.


Ensign Jira Narwani

Race: Unknown

Music: EDM

Hands: yes

Female: right?

Alert: Red

Seen only in the first two episodes of Star Trek: Discovery, Ensign Narwani was a tactical officer aboard the USS Shenzhou. Little is known about the ensign; she received a name in David Mack’s Discovery novel, Desperate Hours.

She hasn’t been seen since the two-hour premiere, and it’s unknown whether her manual prosthetics and funky helmet made her harder, better, faster, or stronger.


1 thought on “Who are the People on your Crew Roster: “Ensign Jira Narwani”

  1. Skiamakhos

    Arguably, Ensign Narwani *is* better & faster because of her helmet. It gives her a 360 degree virtual reality projection of the space around the ship, as if she’s the ship’s brain receiving input from all its sensors into her sensorium, enabling her to be aware of and able to track all threats, other vessels, heavenly bodies and other hazards. Think like an Apache or V22 Raptor pilot’s helmet – all the relevant info about the battlefield, and fingertip controls that enable her to perform fire control & link in with the helm station to give Detmer plots of evasive maneuvers and so on.


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