Season 2, Episode 13: “Rightful Heir” (TNG) with John Jackson Miller

Get taken to church this week as New York Times best-selling author John Jackson Miller joins the show just in time to bear witness to “Rightful Heir”! The bumpy-headed Jesus of Qo’nos past, Kahless, has returned to our realm and he begins a movement that will leave Worf trapped between the religion of his people and the politics of the Empire! It’s a heady, thought-provoking episode, where we discuss running out of dream jobs, Jurassic Worf, the similarities of tie-in fiction and religious canon, what Chris Hardwick’s like in real life, and when it was exactly that TNG “grew the beard”.

Add in some references to TV Tropes, classic Battlestar Galactica, the Six Million Dollar Man, and more than a little Star Wars talk and you’ve got an episode that still technically counts as being about Star Trek! Qapla’!

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