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Season 5, Episode 21 “Who Watches the Watchers” (TNG) with Mollie Pettit

Get ready to catch an important arrow as we wonder “Who Watches the Watchers”! Data visualization engineer and designer Millie Pettit joins the show this week to discuss an episode… Read more »

Season 4, Episode 2 “Justice” (TNG) with Stuart Hollis and Thad Hait

Hold on to your hats this week as we play ball with “Justice”! Stuart Hollis and Thad Hait of the Delta Flyer Podcast and the Stargate Weekly Podcast join the… Read more »

Season 2, Episode 7: “Symbiosis” (TNG) with Garrick Dietze

Just say “yes” to Enterprising Individuals this week as we take a bite out of a Next Generation episode that features a thoughtful examination of the Prime Directive, two actors… Read more »