Season 5, Episode 21.5 The Myth of Trek w/ Dr. Djoymi Baker

Dr. Djoymi Baker joins the show this week to talk about Star Trek and mythic storytelling. The characters of Trek seem larger than life and it’s not by accident; in addition to using the tropes of epic storytelling to enthrall and entertain its audience, the Trek franchise has striven to establish itself as modern mythology with iconic heroes. On the show, we discuss the ways in which Trek employs myth to market itself, the representation of “God” and religion in Trek, the “myth” of the Federations utopia, the epistolary nature of Trek storytelling, paratextual fan materials, being your own Mary Sue, casting Jesus as your captain, and why it’s only “Deep Space” if you’re not in your own backyard.

All this talk of religion and I forgot to make a “Faith of the Heart” joke!

Check out Djoymi’s Book, “To Boldly Go”, and read her thoughts about Star Trek: Picard!

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