Season 5, Episode 14.5 Comedy in Trek with JM McNab

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This week, comedy writer JM McNab joins the show to talk about comedy in Star Trek and why seeking out new life isn’t always a laugh riot. During the discussion, we talk about letting the air out of the franchise, what constitutes “punching down”, being a fish out of ’50s water, the loving parody of “Chief O’Brien At Work”, Planet Scotland, Sh*t My Captain Says, open mic night in the mess hall, “Tea, Earl Grey, Hot Take”, and whether or not Bev’s sex ghost holds a cure for cancer!

The clown can stay but the Ferengi in the gorilla suit has to go!

Listen to JM’s podcast “Rewatchability” and check out his other work!

Here’s some links to what we discussed on the show:
Star Trek Experience
Riker’s software commercial (and grin gif source)
The Captains documentary

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