Season 5, Episode 7.5 Trek Music with Foz Rotten

This week, Foz Rotten, the frontman of Star Trek punk outfit Boldly Go! stops by the show to talk about music, punk rock, and punk rock Star Trek music! Every Star Trek character seems to play an instrument or is musical in some way and music has always played a signature role in the Trek franchise. During the episode, we talk about Foz’s history with Trek and the beginnings of Boldly Go!, as well as the necessity of punk in the Federation’s future, the healing power of whale song, jammin’ out with space hippies, the future “Metallica”, what’s in Rios’s vinyl crate, Q at Woodstock, Dixieland klezmer, the Paula Cole of the 24th century, Trip and the Dropkick Murphys, and concert night on the NX-01!


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