Season 4, Episode 21 “Improbable Cause” & “The Die is Cast” (DS9) with Alan Gratz

Dust off your cloak and shine up your dagger as we examine “Improbable Cause” and “The Die is Cast”!

Author Alan Gratz returns to the show this week to discuss an epic Deep Space Nine two-parter that changes the game and proves that the Dominion are a foe not to be taken lightly. When Garak’s tailor shop explodes unexpectedly, Odo goes searching for answers. But a case that seems open and shut leads to a dark turn for our humble tailor and the Romulan/Tal Shiar alliance will throw themselves at the Dominion while the Alpha Quadrant holds its breath!

DS9 took the TNG tradition of the nail-biting cliffhanger and transformed it into a new way to expand its storytelling by pulling the rug out from under its characters. By eliminating the Romulans and the Cardassians from the board, the writers of the show set the stage for the show’s remaining seasons and their mad rush into war and calamity. On this episode, we talk about DS9’s early forays and later mastery of serial storytelling, the necessity of Avery Brooks, constructing a two-parter last-minute, the cheap/fast/good continuum, the show’s Shakespearean parallels, the true purpose of a villain, accidentally writing a “Best of” scene, and blowing up your own tailor shop.

We also discuss the majesty of Garak and the amazing Andrew Robinson, the Cardie cardigan, “growing the beard”, getting your shine-box, being the MOST Paul Dooley, killin’ Skeletor, following the latnium, “it’s a trap!”, Cardassian cosmetics, a little DS9 doc talk, Alan gets his mind blown Krull-style, and Aaron hates Eddington!

*shakes fist* EDDINGTON!!!!!!!!

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