Season 3, Episode 18.5 Supplemental: Trekonomics with Manu Saadia

It’s a wealth of discussion this week as Manu Saadia, author of Trekonomics, joins the show to talk about what’s in Picard’s wallet! The “no money” economy of the Federation has always been one of its major selling points, but how would a system like that actually operate? Manu and I discuss the “economic plumbing” of the UFP, as well as what it might take for us to reach a similar economic reality. We also touch on “unlimited cookies”, the responsibility of ownership, reputation as currency, the socioeconomic benchmark of smoked salmon, wielding soft economic power, and how the Federation could buy the entire galaxy without breaking the Bank of Bolius!

Plus, we’ve got news about Discovery Season 2, a report from last weekend’s screening of the DS9 Documentary, What We Leave Behind, and we look ahead to this weekend’s Destination Trek in Birmingham!

By Spock’s beard, this is a great episode!

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