Season 3, Episode 3: “Space Seed” (TOS) with Maria Jose and John Tenuto

He’s a genetically-engineered superman, a temporal fugitive, and he can crush a phaser with his bare hands . . . given enough yoga-based preparation, of course. It’s Khan Noonien Singh!

Sociology professors and Star Trek researchers Maria Jose and John Tenuto take us to school this week for a look at the Original Series episode that gave us Khan: “Space Seed”! John and Maria share their insights from researching the Roddenberry archives, charting the episode’s path from concept to screen and how the show inspired Trek’s most thrilling film entry, The Wrath of Khan!

During the show, we talk about the benefits of a budget and a deadline, WoK’s origins as a TV movie, speculate who should be on the Mt. Rushmore of Star Trek history, unfold the complicated evolution of Khan from a Viking criminal to a Sikh overlord, call out Ricardo Montalban as a mensch, and contemplate our screenless future and the 20-year nostalgia cycles that bring our favorite things back to us as adults.

Plus, John pitches Khan as the “Joker” to Kirk’s “Batman”, Maria decodes the canny construction of Khan’s couture, Kal worries Marla is straight crushin’ on Hitler, and the whole ship is in love with the Nicest Tyrant!

Ride your pog to your job at the slap bracelet factory and listen to this show while you do it!

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