Win a Star Trek Trivial Pursuit Set!

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Hello, faithful listeners (and potential new ones)! Enterprising Individuals, the Internet’s *only* Star Trek podcast, is currently holding a contest to win a brand new set of Star Trek 50th Anniversary Trivial Pursuit cards, complete with Galileo shuttlecraft holder! Fun at parties, best your friends with your Trek knowledge, or clutch them to your tattered bosom as you wait underground for the Vulcans to arrive and save us from the hellscape our world has become! (barter value of cards may prove variable)

To enter, all you have to do is log on to iTunes, look up the Enterprising Individuals podcast, and leave us a rating and review. That’s it. No strings attached. And be honest, too; we can take it.

The winner will be selected May 1st and announced on our May 3rd show. We’ll be responsible for getting the prize to you, so you can just relax and plan your coming out as the world’s leading authority on Trek trivia.

This contest only runs to the end of the month, so don’t miss out! (time-displaced entrants are sadly disqualified)


You can check out the prize here!

Check us out at, and on Facebook and Twitter!

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