Season 1, Episode 10: “Day of the Dove” (TOS) with Bill Hedrick

It is a good day to pod this week as the show is invaded by Thought Admiral Qob (aka Bill Hedrick) for a look at Day of the Dove! We dive deep into the philosophy of the Star Trek’s favorite “bad guys”, the Klingons, and we discuss the majesty of Kang, why the Klingons killed off their gods, the bitter lot of a Federation colonist, female Klingons, and what is up with Chekov’s (non-existent) brother. Grab a bowl of gagh (live, preferably), down some bloodwine, and join us for a talk about one of the episodes that make the Klingons what they are today! Qapla’!

Bill can be found online at the Klingon Assault Group and appearing in A Klingon Christmas Carol.

Listen to “Season 1, Episode 10: “Day of the Dove” (TOS) with Bill Hedrick” on Spreaker.

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